Flag City Mustang Club

Mustang Horse Power – Ownership Not Required – Just Enthusiasm
General Information
The Flag City Mustang Club is an organization dedicated to: (1) the operation and maintenance of an organization to encourage and promote the admiration, ownership, care and maintenance, with safe and courteous operation, of Mustangs and Fords; (2) serve as a medium of exchange for ideas and information to aid Mustang and Ford enthusiasts in restoring and preserving these automobiles that will promote admiration and respect within the community; (3) provide a family atmosphere where Club members can meet, socialize, and maintain a spirit of good fellowship in all phases of motoring; and (4) support local charities after club obligations are met.

Established:1994 Flag City Mustang Club

Macon, GA 31088
United States
Club President
Bill Peters
Regional Director
Jim Bozeman
Dues:Individual membership Dues is $15.00 per year. Family membership Dues is $20.00 per year.
Meeting Information
The Business Meeting is the First Tuesday of each month at Riverside Ford conference room, Macon, GA at 6:15 P.M. The Cruise Night is the Third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 P.M. Cruise Night location is determined on a monthly basis. Location information is posted on the Club’s web page.
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