Adirondack Shelby-Mustang Regional Club

General Information
The Adirondack Shelby-Mustang Regional Club was originally founded in 1980 as a Shelby and Mustang only club, but has evolved to what it is today. That is, a Mustang Club of America Regional Club open to all Ford enthusiasts and their families, with an emphasis on the Ford Mustang. During the year some of our activities include: promoting a daylong Mustang & All FoMoCo car show at Jack Byrne Ford in May, promoting a daylong open car show at Metro Ford in August.

Established:1980 Adirondack Shelby-Mustang Regional Club
PO Box 4427
Halfmoon, NY 12065
United States
Club President
Walt Dugan
Regional Director
Ted Sweet
Dues:If you wish to join, simply mail a membership application with a $20 check or money order made out to the club Adirondack Shelby Mustang Club.
Coordinators:highwaystar01, mustangted1963
Meeting Information
We have monthly meetings (January through November) at 7PM , day and location are indicated in the newsletter, facebook or on our website. It is not necessary to own a Mustang, or even a Ford for that matter, to be a member. The level of participation of each member is totally dependent on that personís interest and availability. Also please visit our Facebook page at
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