1. General Information
    Pace car
    Pace Car
    Race Red
    1 of 50 produced by Mustang

    I bought pace this car inpruptu at a MCA BOD meeting in Garland Texas in July 2010.
    The car is number 31 of 50.


    The exterior is the offical Daytona Pace Car The car was produced in April 2010 as a 2011.
    The dealer recieved the car as a GT/CS premium and added the graphics to transform the car to number 31 pace car.

    The wheels are the stock GT/CS premium.

    The engine is a stock 5.0. The horse power is rated at 412. Rumors afloat the 5.0 produces more than 412 horses. The pace car will be dynoed

    Suspension is stock and will remain stock.

    Interior is Black leather with black carbon fiber inserts. This is one of the few pace cars with Navigation. it also has the optional glass roof with curtian.

    Just a factory 412 HP 5.0 powerhouse!

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