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    Grabber Orange
    Pony Package

    In January 2007 I took delivery of special ordered Ford Mustang. I purposely order the pony package because it was the closest looking to my older brothers 1970 Mustang. He bought his when I was 13 years old and since then, I always wanted to own a brand new pony. Yes, after 48 years of life, I finally got to buy a brand new car!

    During the 2007 season, nothing much was added to the car except sequencial turn directionals. When the 2008 season started, I was seasoned enough to start modding my ride with "bling" mods. I continue with just fancy mods to make my pony fun and unique.

    I haven't touched the mechanics so the engine and drivetrain is pure stock. I feel that trying to boost a V6 4.0 engine is futile. Sure I could have had a V8 but it wouldn't be a true pony. I do show the young kids rich with cash that you don't have to have horsepower to own a cool car. It's a great insightful lesson for dads to show their sons in order to give them a car that is safe and cool!
    Painted and clearcoated gloss black rally stripes were added in May 2009 along with my remote control hide a licence plate frame and fang chin spoiler.

    My pony is a fair weather weekend warrior however I won't hesistate to "Roadtrip"!!! I been to Georgia, Indy, and Pa.
    I just hit the 30,000 mile mark as of 10-2010.


    Rear Sequencial turn directionals (www.webelectric.com)
    RSR turn directional Mirrors painted in Grabber Orange (www.blueovalindustries.com)
    Fang chin spoiler (www.aeroform.com)
    Chrome tip exhaust (www.fordpartsdirect.com)
    shorty antenna (www.Americanmuscle.com)
    Grabber 3rd Brake Light Decal (www.grabberpony.com)
    Tribar pony valve stem caps (www.cjponyparts.com)
    Tribar pony chrome licence plate frames (www.cjponyparts.com)
    Universal Veteran Illinois Navy licence plates
    Remote cntl retractable front lic.plate holder (www.blueovalindustries.com)
    Painted gloss black rally stripes (Exdents of Wooddale, Illinois)
    Underbody remote ctrl orange led light kit. (www.ledunderbody.com)

    Pony package painted crager style mags with pony knockoff inserts. (www.fordpartsdirect.com)

    All stock..Nothing at all has been upgraded!
    Illinois emissions testing mades me refrain ...so far!


    All Stock..." BUT", Painted all rusted metal!

    Stock Shaker 500 with orange gen3 Ipod.
    Grabber Orange Shift Ball with 5 speed tree (www.grabberpony.com)
    Plush tribar pony floor mats (www.Americanmuscle.com)
    Tribar pony shoulder pads (www.ebay.com)
    Wind deflector (www.lovethedrive.com)
    Ford factory tonneu cover (www.fordpartsdirect.com)
    Illuminated Grabber Orange door trim welt (www.elwire.com)
    Running pony door emblem. (Hatpin tribar pony logo, modified)
    4.0 dash emblem (www.mossmustang.com)
    Trunk lid pony mat cover. (www.granddesignmats.com)
    Interior orange led light kit (www.ledunderbody.com)
    Illuminated Mustang Door sill plates (checking)
    Custom painted fire extinguisher. (homemade + www.kidde.com)

    Grabber Orange Manifold Cover (www.midwestautogear.com)
    Grabber Orange Shock Tower Covers (www.midwestautogear.com)
    Grabber Orange Fan Extension Covers with painted rally stripe (www.midwestautogear.com)
    Running Horse Fuse Box cover (www.cjponyparts.com)
    Steeda hood struts (www.steeda.com)
    Scott Drake Aluminum pony fluid cap covers. (www.cjponyparts.com)
    White led engine bay light kit. (www.ledunderbody.com)

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