1. General Information
    Mustang II Ghia
    Dove Gray
    Silvery Luxury

    She is my first car. Purchased from the original owner in 1984. Daily driver until 1990 when she was totalled in an accident. After that, I restored her and began showing her in occasional driven in1991. She was Mustang Times cover car in February 1998 and recieved her red grill medallion in 2006.


    Stock 13" Mustang II slotted mags with P195/70R/13 tires.


    Cranberry deluxe velour interior available only on the Silver Luxury package Ghias in 1975 and 1976. Clock, 1978 AM/FM Cassette player, air, power steering and power brakes

    Stock 302 cid V8 2 barrel with c4 automatic transmission.

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