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    GT Coupe
    Just a GT with the premium package!!

    Bought new in Fort Worth, TX when I came back on vacation from working at Thule AB, Greenland in Jul 06. Left it until I returned in Sep for about 3 weeks and then shipped it to Camp Darby, Italy where I really started working on it. From Italy it went to Ramstein Air Base, Germany and then I added a full Cervini's Body Kit! Back to the States in Apr 09 and now it's getting more work done and will be coming here to South Korea soon!


    Steeda Lower Pulleys - Steeda Shifter -Cold Air Induction with tune - Flow Masters and then added electronic cut outs. Now has the Cervini's side exhaust and is having Long Tube Headers with X pipe installed along with MSD hotter coil pack kit.


    Air Bagit.com air suspension system

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