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    White Pony
    Performance White
    Stevens Signature Package

    Hello and Thanks for Visiting,
    I once was a lonely pony grazing in one of those used lots where the only object was to get rid of me for profit and to move another fresher horse for gain
    One day a man went by and turned around and came back and then later that day he came back again. I was excited because I felt his love for me. The next day a lady came by and purchased me and I was excited to be bought but sad because it wasn’t that man from the day before. The lady left and I was confused. I was taken from the field and moved to be groomed and to have a beautiful red ribbon placed on my top. As they pulled me out, there stood the woman and the man from the day before, what a delight!
    From that day my life has changed from your Stock 2006 V6 pony to a true vision of what we hope Mustang fans will enjoy viewing.

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