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    Mustang King Cobra

    3rd owner of car. Had it shipped to me from San Diego where it spent it's whole life. Arrived in very rough shape back in 2005. Spent over 2 years restoring it. Since reproduction parts are not made for the Mustang II's, it was a real challenge!


    While I know one shouldn't change from specs, I couldn't bring myself to keep it the orig. brown! Here are some pics of before resto.

    Have the orig. honey comb wheels, but they are 13" and small, so I went with the other set that came with the car when I bought it. (Easy to change back for car shows if needed.)

    Ended up dropping a new 302 in w/325 HP and added long headers (super TIGHT fit) and 4 BBL carb.

    Since nobody makes reproduction parts for the Mustang II's, I ended up obtaining 3 sets of used door panels. (Blue, Black and Red sets.) Since I wanted Tan, I used special spray chemical and then Tan paint specially made for interior changes like I was doing. Results were VERY GOOD! Everyone is amazed and nobody would have guessed panels were different color.

    As stated above, engine info.

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