1. General Information
    Silver Saleen
    Mustang Saleen Convertible
    s281 Saleen conversion

    My wife got me this car for Christmas 2 years ago. Said it was my turn to have a cool car since the kids had totaled the family 4 door and all had thier own cars. Of course She already had the 04 Mustang Convertible. It was not hard to say no for some reason. It came signed by Steve Saleen and since then Mario Andretti signed it as well.


    # 81 Saleen Body conversion panels


    20x9 on the front, 20x10 on the rear Carroll Shelby aluminum wheels with Bf goodrich G force directionals


    Saleen tune with underdrive pulleys and Saleen Exhaust


    Saleen Racecraft suspension front and rear

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