1. General Information
    LX; 5.0HO (Automatic 4OD - Limited Slip 273)

    The car was driven by the local Dealer's son here in Roswell, New Mexico to take when he went off to college. At the 1st semester break from Texas Tech University, he decided to get a truck instead. Roswell Ford and Lincoln Mercury sold it to me. I bought it for my wife as an anniversery present (partially because her car was starting to die). We were the first titled owners! My wife drove the car for about 7 years, but it still had very low miles. At some point in the mid-late 90's (96-77?) she slid into a stopped school bus and put a crease in the hood. It was fixed!

    A few years later I got a white 94 Mustang GT Convertable. We both had white Mustangs! It was really cool! When she got pregnant with our 1st son she explained to me a car seat won't fit in a Mustang easily especially a convertable. Her 91 was paid off and mine wasnt, so I traded my mustang GT in for an SUV for her to drive. In that deal, I made it clear that here old mustang was now mine!

    Mystang sat beside our old house covered, or in the garage here. She sat for the better part of 13 years. There was a period of a couple years my mother-in-law drove it to work and home 5 days a week. Grand total of 13 miles a week. Someone backed into her in the parking lot where she worked and broke the left tail light. That was the first thing fixed when I started on this refurbish project. As of today, 11-11-11, she has less than 95,000 original miles. Then one afternoon I came to a realization. An eternal truth I have discovered about my vehicles. I got them because I wanted them. For reasons I wanted them.

    I also have a 79 bronco and I decided to restore that and the mustang and just be happy with these two vehicles for myself for life! I dont really want anything esle! She has her newer, fancy Ford SUV and thats great I love the older cars! So now I have restored the 91 Mustang LX 5.0 "Mystang!" I still have to get that bronco done too! Thats actually what started the whole process. Needed something else to drive while bronco was down being "transformed!' lol! Funny how life works sometimes!


    White with Black trim. Original Paint and body (except hood from mid 90's and left tail light replaced 2011).


    Stock 16"


    Blue Oval Industries shorty racing headers, GT40 intake manifold (milled to 75mm) with Summit Racing 75mm throttle body with EGR spacer, 24lb injectors, C&L 76mm Mass Air Flow Kit and 48,000v ignition system (combination of Summit Racing, MSD and Ford Racing parts). Moved Air Temp/Density Sensor to Stock Air Box where using K&N filter. Using EGR Delete. SCT Computer/Engine Tune.




    Grey Scale.

    CD Audio system with 2 12" woofers, 2 2 way 6 1/2", and 2 4 way 6X9" pioneer speakers.

    Removable DVD Player with 2 screens.


    C&L 76mm Mass Air Flow System

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