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    The car was a white/blue 302/c6 car with factory air, ps,pb with 86 k original miles. The car in the late 70's became a drag car. It had a custom paint job with white, red,silver stripes and it had a big block v8, 871 supercharger and it was used and abused. So since the car was non streetable, I knew I'd never get to be original again so I decided to paint it blue, go with a restomod build but keep it a screaming sleeper. My plans are a 428 CJ with a tremec tko 600. The car has had 3 years worth of work and just in the shell alone, $15,000 in it. My goal is to have it done by Christmas of next year 2012.


    New front clip, spoiler, new sheet metal in just about all of the bottom end, new Shelby trunk lid, subtle mods here and there, radio antena delete, limo window tint, led sequential taillights, new magnum 500's, custom paint job, took the car to bare metal, NOS wind shield, and more to come.


    Magnum 500's-wrapped in bfg tires

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