1. General Information
    Boss Tribute
    Mustang GT
    Sonic Blue
    Cervini's B2 Body Kit

    I special ordered this car in mid-2004 from Texas Motors Ford in Fort Worth, Texas. The car was delivered to me on December 21, 2004. It lived life as a stock Mustag GT Premium until September 6, 2011. On that day, a deer had a different future in mind for my Mustang. The deer gave its life so that I could complete the dream of turning the '05 GT into a tribute to a 1969 Boss 302. Cervini's provided the body kit, and Orange County Collision in Pine Forrest, Texas did the body work and paint. I still have some minor finishing touches to the exterior. Then, I will install a cold air intake, tune, less restrictive exhaust, some suspension enhancements, and some unique interior changes reminicent of a 1969 Boss.


    Cervini's B2 Body Kit

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