1. General Information
    BCA Mach 1
    Performance White
    Custom - Mach 1

    My mom bought the car brand new in 2004, I acquired it in 2011. I have since built the car in honor of my grandmother, who is a breast cancer survivor.


    SilverHorse Racing trunk panel
    GT rear bumper
    5k HID kit
    Smoked taillights
    Smoked front turn signals
    Mach 1 chin spoiler
    Custom paint
    Cervini's quarter window louvers
    Rear window louvers
    House of Graphx Pink Mach 1 stripes
    35% tint
    Roush hood scoop
    14" Shorty antenna


    Mach 1 rims
    Continental tires


    S&B cold air intake
    Dual exhaust
    Superchips Flashpaq 1865 tuner


    GT Suspension
    GT sway bars


    Premium package leather interior
    Mach 1 badging
    Pink key fob remotes

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