1. General Information
    Ol' Blue
    Presidential Blue
    California Special

    Purchased in California and lived there for 15 years, thne sold to brother in Texas, lived there and was restrored (on a budget) in 1992. Moved to Georgia and remained under shelter for many years. Father gave to daughter in 2009 and she sold to me in 2010. I reworked the entire bottom side in 2011 and sipped for a completed restoration in 2011. All paint and previous body repairs were stripped and cut out, replaced with metal and the body massaged by a profession to be # 1 paint job. Finished with reassembly in late July 2012. The car is all numbers matching with all original metal except for the left front fender.


    none bone stock


    The original purchaser bought a set of "take offs" Styled Steel wheels from the dealer as part of the deal in 68. they are still on the car and shod with cooper cobra radials


    99% bone stock original equipment

    ngine rebuild .30 over with stock components. Added 68 date code correct FoMoCo Intake and Edelbrock 600 carb.Still have original intake and 2Vcarb in restored condition). Added dual exhaust on factory manifolds with flowmasters.


    100% Rebuilt with grab-a track components.
    620 1" lower coils in front with 1" sway bar
    KYB shocks all around


    Bone Stock except added TMI Sport upholstery and foam and a cruiser console. Cloaked USA Stereo, kenwood speakers in rear deck and kick panels


    None....just highly detailed factor pieces.

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