1. General Information
    Roush RS3
    Grabber Blue

    Trade a 2011 Harley Road Glide Ultra for this Mustang. In 1970 I had a 68 Camero 327. A friend in High School bought a 1970 Boss 302 Grabber Blue. I rode in the car and fell in love. He refused to trade we are not friends amy longer. LOL. Not really. I started my mustang journey. Have owned three over the years but never felt fulfilled. Then one day while looking I ran across this Roush on the internet and rode down to just take a look. The salesman knew what he was doing. First he let me start it then teased by letting me drive it. Damn him. We got back to the dealership, when he asked what I thought? I told him I had to have it. Well as they say the rest is history. i love my RS3 and i thank Jack Roush everytime I drive it. In just ove a month I have put 1000 miles on it. It is a blast and I always get comments. he only problem I can see is if I get stopped I can't say no it was the other Mustang that looks just like this one. Roush Performance informed me that I bought 1 of three in the USA that looks like this one and 1 of 388 built in 2012. Jack Roush is supposed to be at dealership Nov 1st to sign the dash. How cool.

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