1. General Information
    SVT 1320
    SVT Cobra
    Crystal White
    PKG 250A

    1320 of 6961 built. Date of Build 10/29/96. Order with out rear spoiler. We are the second owners, purchased 2006. Has lived in Washington Stated all years.


    Deleted Cobra emblems and add V8 on the fenders from the Ford Explorer.

    95 Cobra R with Nitto NT 01. Copy of the Torque Thrust in a 17x9 with Nitto NT 05.


    1/4 mile 12:80 @ 113 mph. 350 plus rwhp and 350 plus rwtq. Kenny Bell Super Charger 1.7 liter, small pully, 16lbs plus boost.

    Steeda, Maximum Motorsports, Kenny Brown, Koni's and Kenny Brown Springs.

    FR500 Ford Racing Steering Wheel, Sparco Torino seats. Auto Power 4 point Roll Bar with Harness Bar and Cross Brace.

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