1. General Information
    Shelby GT500
    Black on Black on Black on Black and some more Bla
    Everything but the glass roof

    Purchased in March 2013.


    Louvers and Tint

    Clear Bra
    LED ConversionShelby CS1 20x11x20x9.5", Nitto NT05R's

    Shelby CS1 20x11x20x9.5", Nitto NT05R's


    JLT Big Air, Super Cobra Jet throttle body, pulley reduction, Stang-Hi Programming, Thermostat change. JLT oil separator. Off-Road X-Pipe, Rousch dual chamber exhaust.

    Replaced the rear suspension components required to handle the additional torque. Helps keep her from tracking to the right.

    New MGW short throw racing shifter and custom red and black Cobra Shift knob. Red GT500 Floor Matt's from Lloyds.

    From this to this.

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