1. General Information
    Lil' Blue
    Mustang LX Convertible
    Reef Blue

    I started with a semi-tired LX 5.0. I tore it apart and built it from the ground up.


    -Factory 93 Cobra Ground Effects
    -Everything painted body color
    -Black Stayfast Canvas type top
    -SSP lock set
    -SVO, Cobra tail lights
    -Cervini's 03 Cobra style hood


    -07 Mustang 17" wheels with BFG G-force tires.


    -331 with Worked F3z GT40 heads, GT40 Upper
    and lower intake, E-303 cam, 1:7 Crane roller
    rockers, Ford Racing headers, 75mm mass air
    and TB, CAI.


    -Complete suspension is off an 04 Cobra,
    including the IRS.
    -Eibach springs
    -Tokico D-Spec struts and shocks.
    -Full lenght sub-frame connectors


    -Completely redone black interior using NOS
    -79 Pace Car Recaros recovered in original
    -Double din Pioneer head unit, 200W amplifier,
    Kicker speakers and a powered subwoofer

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