1. General Information
    Mustang Bonny
    Shelby Convertible Tribute
    Ivy Green with white stripes
    Currie 9", 289 HiPo, C4, Shelby drop, leather interior

    98% finished when purchased over five years ago. Now almost every part has been taken apart, cleaned and redone.
    Custom Dog crate for Bonny painted to match the car. She loves going to car shows and showing off.
    Always wanted a Shelby and now have a unique Mustang that we can drive and enjoy.


    Fiberglass Shelby hood, fiberglass trunk with spoiler, Shelby scoops and stripes. Ivy green paint with added flake to make it pop in the sun.

    Torque Thrust all around, Lowered. BF Goodrich drag radials on rear.

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