1. General Information
    FRED Ford Restomod Exciting Driver
    Graphite Grey
    6 cyl., 14" wheels. AC, 2 speed wipers washers

    A Dallas Texas special order car I purchased at the Pate swap meet in 1995. A special order car from Dallas, Texas in 1965. Six "T" code with C4 automatic, 2 speed wipers with washers, 14" wheels and factory air.


    Added vinyl top, luggage rack, right outside mirror, modified the hood to exhaust hot air, removed the grill bar, added fog lights in front valance, painted it Graphite Grey and Satin Black. A bold LH-6 is painted on the hood for Long Haul - 6 cylinder.

    Installed 15" chrome reversed 6" wide front and 7" rears with P195 x 65R - 15 and P205 x 70R -15 rears. Painted the inner part red. Installed Baby Moons.

    Engine bored .060", head work, 2 barrel installed, removed the restrictive OEM muffler and exhaust bends, installed a 24" straight-thru muffler, ACCEL coil and 8.5mm wires, platinum plugs and home built distributor with PerTronix. New mild cam for highway driving and Cool-Air intake fabricated from PVC to use OEM air cleaner. Rewired complete car. Aluminum radiator and overflow can.

    Stiffer GT rear leafs with 1" lowering blocks, GT front coils cut 3/4 turn and gas shocks at all 4 corners. Custom Monte Carlo Bar and Export Brace added. Rear sway bar installed and all suspension rubber bushings replaced with poly. Added front discs with dual chamber master.

    Added 1/4" floor insulation over new sound mats. New interior carpet and vinyl over new foam front seat cushions, new interior handles and rebuilt latches/window mechanisms. Installed Pony door lights and console. Added metal wall between trunk and interior with 1/4" foam on both sides. Trunk insulation added over new gas tank.

    Cleaned when rebuilding and painted. Chrome valve cover with special wing nuts and air cleaner and Cool Air intake painted. Chrome dip stick fabricated to replace the little shorty one and later style Sanden compressor replaced the York OEM.

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