1. General Information
    Hurst Kenne Bell
    Standard Hurst package.

    Build commissioned 2/2017. Serial number 17 of 50 built by Mr Norms (Larry Weiner) under license with Hurst Engineering. Arrived in New Zealand 7/2017. Road compliant 8/2018. As at 2/2018 traveled 2400 kms.

    As a side I also have a 2007 Roush 427R (Grabber orange - 22,000 miles - still show condition) and I am currently having a 69 built ground up by Mustangstofear in Rochester. All modern running gear - old body restored - 427ci engine (Dart block - 628hp) - colour is Fall Foliage (PPG Vibrance range - a burnt orange)


    To be road compliant in NZ I had to remove the 305 tyre and replace with a 295 (rear only). The front is a 275.


    750hp at the fly wheel.


    Kenne Bell suspension upgrades.


    Kenne Bell Liquid Cooled Supercharger.

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