1. General Information
    The King
    Mustang II
    King Cobra

    This Mustang was purchased new at Jack Smart Ford, in Greenwood, Indiana, by Penny Jo West, on June 9, 1978. I purchased it from her in August 2016.


    I've added snake emblems to the grill and fenders.

    Due to the scarcity of 13" tires, it's currently riding on 14" wheels and tires, but I plan to upgrade to an 8.8" rear, 4 wheel disc brakes and 5 lug wheels in the near future. When I do, I will most likely put 15's or 16's on it.

    The 5.0 was rebuilt by Penny Jo back in 2002. It's been bored .40 over, with a higher lift cam, new pistons, Eddlebrock 4bbl carb, intake, headers and MSD ignition.

    I've installed subframe connectors already, and will be having a whole new suspension put under it before spring '18. This job will include tubular upper and lower control arms, new shocks and struts, leaf springs, shackles, tie-rod ends, coils, larger anti-sway bars in front and out back, and new rubber bushings everywhere.


    The interior is basically all original other than some snake logo floor mats. I have removed the aftermarket gauges seen in this picture, and I am currently working on fabricating some custom seat mounts so I can install a set of modern high-back sport seats. The modern seats will only be used for car shows and track days.

    Other than finned valve covers and air cleaner, not much has been done to "dress up" the engine.

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