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    Roush Stage 3 BlackJack
    Black on Black on Black
    Everything but Track Pack

    Before I bought this beauty four years ago she was in a very bad way. The Roush M-90 had been taken off and a Saleen charger was in its place. (I don't know) The dealer that bought it in auction down in California couldn't get it to pass Oregon DEQ. (Figures) Then, sold it as is, and that person returned it within 12 days due of the vast amount of issues it had and cost to repair it. So they removed the SC, made it NA and replaced the ECM to work with a now stock GT intake. The original Roush hood had been removed and an aluminum Saleen Extreme hood put in its place. Not that that was a bad thing because I really liked that hood but it's not the Roush hood that belongs there. The rear end gears had been changed from 3.55 to 4.10 and they howled so bad the radio had to be up around 6 to not hear them. The Roush shifter had also been removed and a Hurst competition plus was in its place. ( ok, a Hurst in its own rite is a great shifter and shortens the throw from a stock Ford shifter by 45% however, the Roush shifter shortened the throw by 55%.) someone didn't do their math so that was one of the first things I put back in. It seemed that on EVERYTHING they touched on this poor girl an ameture was making the decisions. The cold air intake was a cobbled together collection of various parts from 3 kits of "something" I don't know. Various lighting systems i.e. Brake/tail, turn signal, markers didn't work. And when I accelerated, two coils would drop causing the check engine light to come on because of the misfires. I'm not bragging but This car needed me.lol. After the dealer made me promise not to bring it back he gave me a once in a life time deal to take her home with me. Well, first things first. After replacing All the coils just so I could drive it reliably, haha I thought I was done. Driving to work the first day I had it ready, the engine started to misfire on the freeway and managed to get to an off ramp before it ran out of gas. The gage showed I had a quarter tank! "It must be broke" I thought. My wife brought me enough fuel to get me to work and home that day. I rode my motorcycle the rest of the week until I could get to the issue of why it died on me. I knew it was a fuel problem so I figured it was the sending unit. When I removed the retainer ring holding the fuel pump and removing it I realized it had been replaced with a GT 500 duel pump system. (Score one for me!) then immediately found why it died with so much fuel still in the tank. When whoever replaced the pump was installing the larger pump system, they forgot to reconnect the crossover tube to the passenger side to the fuel tank. Problem solved. Next I purchased a SCT tuner and got her running as sound and strong as any normally aspirated GT. I removed the 4.10 rear end gears and installed the original 3.55's using Ford racing gears. Along with the fuel pump issue, that helped a lot with drivability. Next, I contacted Roush performance to get an accurate history on the car and what they had originally done to it. To my surprise, I was sent the actual build sheet for THIS car. Every part, accessory, nut and bolt was on the sheet. I was elated! Now I had a Map of how to go about restoring this beast to her intended stature. FIRST, the supercharger! The original SC was a polished M-90 for the BlackJack. When I called Roush performance, I was informed there were no more polished units available And that they were going to be ending the servicing of the M-90 within four months. I was scratching my head on what to do when my Roush rep suggested the new line of Roush Supercharger, the TVS 2.3. And they had a kit just for my car and to save me money, sent me to one of their top sellers. After making the decision to go with the newer, bigger, quieter and more efficient TVS, three weeks later it was sitting in four boxes on my garage floor. I took a week off work to begin her transformation back to greatness. I did the work myself as I've known my way around a tool box since I was 10 years old on a farm. Once the new TVS was in and ready I called and had the BlackJack towed to Fast specialties where they installed the first Roush tune and dyno tuned the beast to 464 RWHP. After that, I replaced the hood with a Roush hood, replaced all of the BlackJack stripes and Replaced the aftermarket 20" wheels with the 2013 20" Roush hyper black wheels. I went with Nitto INVO tires.


    Once I happily provided the documentation needed to Roush that this is indeed a Roush BlackJack car and not a clone, Bryan in the graphics dept. bent over backwards to get anything and everything I asked for to bring this beautiful car back and then some. I replaced the aged center stripe along the whole car with a new Roush cut decal and added my own touch by adding a tiny red pinstripe around the perimeter. I asked and received special Roush approval for one off decals for the sides of the BlackJack doors. After I had made the request for the one of a kind BlackJack font, their art department sent me 4 examples to choose from. When I replaced the Saleen hood with a new Roush Hood I had to paint the scoop so when it was finished I went back to Roushs' Graphics dept. and asked for another one off design for the " ROUSHCHARGED" decals for the sides of the hood scoop. I asked for the letters to be hollow like the Roush banner across the top of the windshield. And finally, I asked and they delivered yet again an awesome center brake light decal cut in the BlackJack font.

    The 2007 Roush BlackJack came with chrome 18" wheels. When I bought the car, the 18" wheels it came with were gone and a set of black Victory 20"x 9.5" wheels were on it. It gave the car a menecing look to it. I really liked them but again, it's not Roush. When I was ready to find Roush wheels I came across a set of 2013 20"X9.5" Roush Hyper Black wheels. I love the look. I went with Nitto INVO tires for the performance rating and reliability on the road. They're expensive but it's cheap insurance to keep this investment safe on tight corners.

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