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    Blue Coyote
    Grabber Blue
    California Special

    I have had the honor of purchasing this beautiful 2011 GT/CS convertible which could not be any more perfect than what it is now. Practically brand new, I found this gem at a local Ford with only 13K miles to its VIN. It was obviously loved and cared for as it is still brand new and shining like it came off the lot on day one. I hope to continue to keep up with its care and enjoy it just as much. I wish I could have known its full story but at the time being, I am taking my time to truly learn about this car and what fully went into it.


    Grabber blue body with black accenting and black convertible canvas top. Custom ram air hood. Modified fender vents. Lowered GTCS side stripes.

    Premium 2011 CS/GT interior with a completely custom entertainment center. Aftermarket Microsoft SYNC system with all bluetooth, climate control and navigation abilities. Custom colored to match the exterior. Personalized GT/CS Plaque secured to the cupholder lid. Heated leather seats, and CS/GT floor mats.

    Completely custom pinstriping artwork done upon the interior of the hood as well as around the engine. Classy and charming dress ups have been added with modern billet chrome caps. Custom colored SpeedForm additions have brought out a precision under the hood including the carbon fiber engine cover and radiator cover. Aftermarket carbon fiber coil cover and extensive attention to detail complete this look with a final GT/CS Plaque on the fuse box.

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