2011 Inductee

Starting in the 1990's, Lark became a great ambassador for the Mustang Club of America. His work started when he became the Regional Director of the Gulf Coast Regional Mustang Club in Pensacola, Florida, and soon ran for and was elected to the National Board of Directors.

Lark served as a National Director for five consecutive two-year terms and worked on the several of the MCA committees. He was a very committed member and was devoted to help the MCA to continue its growth. He spent countless hours between meetings, as well as at the meetings, to make sure the MCA would remain as a constant for generations to come.

Lark was also very active in the Judging Community. He served as the Assistant National Head Judge for Classification, and was a Gold Card judge for the 1969-'70 Concours and 1969-'71 Boss classes. As a member of the judging community, he was involved in the setting of new guidelines to create a more-friendly environment for all participants at MCA sanctioned events.

He will be missed, but not forgotten. His work will continue through others that hold his same goals for the advancement of the MCA now and in the future.