The Mustang Hall of Fame is to honor by public acknowledgement and commemoration, those individuals who have merited recognition and distinction and who, by their exploits, contributions and activities in regard to the Ford Mustang and its heritage and culture, and who by their character and respectability will serve as an inspiration and an example of the highest traditions and whose reputations have withstood the test of time.

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Lee Iacocca

Carroll Shelby

Steve Saleen

Jack Roush

John Force

William Clay Ford Jr.

O. John Coletti

Joe Oros

Donald Frey

Bob Tasca

Bunkie Knudsen

Larry Shinoda

Hal Sperlich

Gale Halderman

Bill Dillard

Jim Osborn

Larry Dobbs

Art Hyde

Robert Rewey

Janine Bay

Will Boddie

Alex Trotman

Donald Farr

Lark Bragg

Phil Clark

Kevin Marti

Wally Short

John J Telnack

Jack Yeager