2011 Inductee

Can anyone successfully turn a hobby into a business?

Twenty-eight years ago, Kevin Marti left his promising engineering career because of his passion for the Mustang. He started Marti Auto Works, which began as a bedroom sideline selling Mach 1 and Boss 302 stripe kits, but developed into a relationship with Ford Motor Company that resulted in the acquisition of the Ford database of North American vehicle production from 1967 onward. Utilizing his knowledge of computer programming, he successfully created the well-known Marti Reports, which have become the standard by which authenticity of a Mustang can be established.

His friendship with Lois Eminger led to his acquisition of Ford Motor Company invoices that Lois saved, which included 1969-1986 Mustangs. Kevin made these original documents available to other owners.

Whether supplying documentation or data plates, reports or production items, Kevin's goal is to see as many Mustangs as possible out enjoying the breed!