2015 Inductee

Wally Short had a long and distinguished career in both the military and private sectors, which culminated in his discovering his love for the Ford Mustang.

In 1966, he bought his first Mustang, a new 1966 coupe, but sold it a few years later. In 1983, he joined the Rio Grande Mustang Club and bought a Poppy Red 1966 fastback, restored it, and became hooked.

There was no looking back after that. Wally quickly immersed him- Wally Short self in the Mustang world and became a recognized authority on first generation Mustangs. If you had a question about some obscure concours detail, Wally was the person to ask. If he did not know, he personally researched and found the answer, usually by locating the NOS part in question.

He was a driving force in the Rio Grande Mustang Club in Albuquerque, NM, serving as its MCA Regional Director and head judge for 25 years, and as president and vice-president for several terms. He was responsible for securing club sponsorship from Rich Ford in Albuquerque in 1989, which resulted in a partnership that continues today. The club honored him by presenting him with a special achievement award for 33 years of service in 2014.

Wally also was instrumental in helping other MCA members become Certified and Gold Card Judges. He himself became a Gold Card Judge in the mid 1990s. In 2005, he was asked to step up and serve as the National Head Judge for First and Second Generation Mustangs. He was delighted to do so and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with clubs, members, and host clubs at National and Grand National shows. He developed a program whereby he would visit a first-time hosting club to help them with planning and executing a successful show. One of his main accomplishments during his tenure was the establishment of the Conservator program in 2006.

In 2006 after pressure from a number of people, he ran for the MCA National Board of Directors and was elected, receiving the highest vote total in the election. He also continued to serve as National Head Judge until 2011 when health problems forced him to resign both positions to the regret of many.

After successfully recovering from multiple surgeries, he continued with his Mustang hobby at his local club level. To his great joy, he was able to reacquire his first Mustang, which he bought in 1966, and also restored a beautiful 1955 Thunderbird for his wife, Janice. They continued to enjoy both cars for the next few years.

In 2014, we lost Wally, two years after Janice passed, and it was a major loss for the Mustang hobby and those who loved him